Saturday, January 24, 2015

I now have an official sewing room!

After using our guest room to sew in for the past two plus years it has now officially been converted into a sewing room.  Out with the twin bed and in with the permanent design wall. I used Warm & White batting and 2 white foam insulation boards from Lowes.  They even cut them to size for me!  (Shout out to my husband for securing them to the wall.)

Out with the baby dresser/changing table and in with an Ikea cabinet (Large shout out to my husband for helping me pick it out and for putting it together!).  I had to cover some of the glass to keep my stash from fading.  Yes, you are not seeing things.  The top three shelves contain ALL of my fabric stash.  I keep my inventory lean and mean!  

Out with the nails in the wall holding my rulers in with this awesome pegboard.  (Huge shout out to my husband for putting this together and hanging up!)

Out with the lavender walls and in with a calming beige (Shout out to me for wall repair and painting).

Out with my swapped mug rugs and wall hangings being hidden in with them being proudly display on the walls. I used Command strips so I can rearrange them in the future.

I'm waiting until our fabric shopping trips during this coming Mid Atlantic Mod to pick out the fabric for curtains.  The new curtain rod (One last shout out to my husband for installing) is ready and waiting!