Sunday, September 6, 2015

"I Love Sewing" Progressive Quilt

I had the great fortune and honor to win one of three progressive quilt tops that were created during Mid Atlantic MOD 2015 which was in April.  For those of you who are not familiar with this process, each member of the group brings one or more blocks to the weekend.  In advance, we receive fabrics and piecing guidelines for the theme.  During the weekend each one of us spends one hour designing the layout and piecing the top and/or making additional blocks for fillers.  At the end of the weekend the top is raffled off to one to one of the members in the group along with any leftover fabric for finishing.
48" x 60"

This what it looked like at the end of the MOD weekend.

Since the top wasn't completely finished I made a few more changes before putting the rest of it together. For the quilting, I used a limited group of FMQ motifs and repeat them throughout using matching thread.  (If I didn't have thread-burying skillz before I certainly do now!)

I want to thank all the very talented members of the group including Robin, Beth, Michelle, Heather, Jessica, Sandy, Kim, Jill, Kathy and Tricia who made AMAZING blocks and contributed to the layout and piecing of the quilt top!

This will be submitted for consideration to enter the juried portion of QuiltCon 2016.... stay tuned!

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